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Looking for the perfect place for your social event or company conference?
Hacienda Forest View invites you to host an unforgettable event with customized menus, including original dishes and a wide variety of hospitality options.
Our professional, highly trained staff will produce a magical and enjoyable event for both participants and organizers.
Events can be held either at the Hacienda garden or at the Coffee Bar restaurant. In addition, the Hacienda exclusively offers a fully equipped and renovated auditorium seating up to 250 guests. For further details, please call: 972-4-9579000

Events and Conferences

Looking for a perfect venue for a private event or company conference?
The Hacienda Forest view invites you to host an unforgettable event, with a tailored menu that includes original dishes and different hospitality styles.
The conference is accompanied by a professional and skilled team who will provide you with a magical and fun experience for participants and organizers.
The events can take place in the garden are or in the Coffee Bar restaurant. Also, exclusive in the hotel- fully equipped auditorium suitable for performances and conferences with up to 250 guests.
For more information call:04-957900

Events in a Pastoral Atmosphere

The Hacienda Forest View Hotel offers a variety of halls for hosting events and conferences.
In addition to these halls, private or company events can be held in one of the well-kept garden areas with a pastoral atmosphere.
As a part of the menu, Asado and Poyke meals are offered to guests.

Meals "On the Go"

The Hacienda Forest View Hotel offers a variety of conference services, ranging from conferences with accommodation, one-day conferences and groups interested in attending meals only.
The meals are suitable couples, families or individuals looking to include fine dining.
Meals can be ordered for groups or individuals by telephone:04-957900 extension 0.
*The hotel operates under the local kashrut supervision- Rabanut Ma'alot.


The Hacienda Forest View Hotel hosts conferences that include accommodation, as well as seminars for companies and organizations.
The hotel staff is happy to host you and personalize the seminar to fit your requests- menu, location, content and budget.
For daily conference reservations please call 04-957900 extension 0

Events in the Auditorium

Brand new auditorium that can hold up to 250 guests.
The auditorium is suitable for hosting upscale conferences, conferences that combine exhibitions, presentations or on-stage panels.
In addition, the auditorium is suitable for movie screenings.

Receptions for Conferences

A variety of styles of refreshments and receptions for conferences, seminars and events.
A skilled and professional team will be happy to tailor an impressive menu to any occasion.